GALLIPOLIS – Shannon Mayes teaches sixth grade language arts at Gallia Academy Middle School located in Gallia County.  He was honored by the Ohio Lottery’s Partners in Education program as February Teacher of the Month for Region 6.

Mayes is a teacher who strives to reach beyond the expectations.  He encourages students through his lessons and creativity.  He reaches across all backgrounds and connects students to their learning.  His lessons include “out- of -seat” participation and things that motivate students to attend school such as bringing a pet to school.   He is dedicated to his profession and the well-being of all students.  He makes students want to stay in school and try their best. 

For being recognized as a Teacher of the Month, Mayes will receive an assortment of Partners in Education merchandise from the Ohio Lottery along with a gift card.

The Partners in Education Teacher of the Month award recognizes outstanding K-12 teachers and faculty for their excellence in the classroom, leadership, creativity and community involvement and dedication on behalf of Ohio students. To nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Month, visit