Cases resolved from February 26, 2018 through March 2, 2018 in the Gallipolis Municipal Court were:

Joey D. Russell, 30, Gallipolis, assault, sentenced to 180 days in jail; James A. Waugh, 57, Crown City, disorderly conduct, sentenced to 6 days in jail; Michael J. Casey, 29, Bidwell, possession of a drug abuse instrument, sentenced to 37 days in jail; Travis A. Wichert, 25, San Antonio, Tx., O.V.I., sentenced to 3 days in jail or work release, fined $675, one-year operator’s license suspension; Todd B. Grover, 52, Jackson, O.V.I. x 2, sentenced to 3 days in jail, fined $675, one year operator’s license suspension.

Jeffrey S. Rodgers, 44, Gallipolis, disorderly conduct, fined $50; John R. Oneal, 47, Bidwell, disorderly conduct, fined $150; James D. Bainter, 19, underage offense, fined $250; Denny L. Gleason, Jr., 25, Vinton, falsification, fined $250; Carol S. Reynolds, 59, Gallipolis, disorderly conduct, fined $150; Ashley K. Ward, 32, disorderly conduct, fined $50; Johnathan I. Cox, 21, disorderly conduct, fined $25; Vernon A. Davis, Christal D. Shock, 39, Gallipolis, physical control, fined $675; Jacob S. White, 23, Bidwell, physical control, fined $1,000; April A. Latapie, 59, reckless operation, fined $500; Mark A. Barnes, 46, Gahanna, Oh., disorderly conduct, fined $25; Daniel L. Bush, 25, Gallipolis, aggravated menacing, court costs.

Over 100 minor misdemeanor or unclassified misdemeanor cases, such as speeding, were also resolved during that time period.

Special note:

*  Does not include court fees

* Common abbreviations: DUS – Driving Under Suspension; OVI – Operating a Vehicle While under the Influence; FRA suspension – insurance related operator’s license suspension; physical control – having physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.

* Minor Misdemeanor and/or Unclassified Misdemeanor cases not included

* May not include other sentencing requirements, such as probation.