All do it, but why? If a number you don’t know calls, don’t answer it and yell at a person who is trying to make a living. If you’re having dinner, don’t answer the phone if you don’t know how it is and yell at me, because I need to, you say, get a real job.

Well, I am working. My real job pays real bills and buys real food. Some of us can’t work a physical job. Yep, you may not believe it. Some of us are single moms with babies to take care of. Some of us only work this job to get us through.

So stop and think before you take your day out on us and make us cry for working. Yes, it is working. You have to keep in the back of your mind that person is just trying to make a living. Like me. This is what I do. Stop and think about how many jobs are available in Gallipolis right now. But, I’m making a living, because I refuse to go on disability. That means I gave up and I won’t do that.

Amy Kelley