Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative posted a warning to its Facebook page today alerting customers of a spoofing scam.

PLEASE BEWARE and inform those that are easily taken advantage of. MORE SCAMS……… We were notified by several members today that they are receiving calls from individuals falsely representing themselves as employees of Buckeye Rural and instructing members to make payment or be subject to having their power disconnected in the next 30 minutes.

Members are given a dollar amount and instructed to go to a location, in one instance, CVS, to send a Money Gram to prevent the disconnect. Buckeye Rural appears on their Caller ID and the number on the ID may or may not be a legitimate phone number for BREC. We’ve investigated before and our IT Department says we are being “spoofed” when they are able to use BREC’s phone number. It’s happening a lot lately and unfortunately there is not much we can do about it. Sometimes the callers are selling something (i.e. med alert bracelets) .

Of course, Buckeye REC is not selling anything at this time other than electricity. So….AGAIN, please be aware that these perpetrators are out there and do NOT provide them with any personal information, especially financial, or converse with them where they can record your voice. Thanks for making us aware and please continue to be aware yourselves. Spread the word!