Gallia Shooting Aces 4-H Club at the Hero’s Tribute Hunt.

The Gallia Shooting Aces 4-H Club will hold an informational meeting this month for any youth interested in shooting sports. In its second year as a designated shooting sports club, the Gallia Shooting Aces offers a wide range of opportunities for Gallia youth ranging from basic archery and pistol to more advanced courses. This year the club also plans to add scholastic clay and steel shooting.

According to Advisor Eric Clary, the club’s goal is to introduce and provide opportunities for school-age youth to safely and enjoyably participate and compete in a high-quality team based sport. The students will be led by trained, adults, coaches and advisors, whose main goal is youth development and helping youth become the leaders of tomorrow.

While it is a standard 4-H club that offers all of the other project opportunities of other clubs, Clary wanted to ensure those already participating in a 4-H club know they do not have to choose and can join just for the shooting sports, while keeping active with their other club.

“We’re not here to steal any kids from anybody,” said Clary.

Due to the number of trained advisors currently active with the club, Clary said they must limit enrollments, so approximately 35 to 40 spots will be available. They hope to see that grow in the coming years as more qualified advisors join the program. The group is open to any Gallia County youth age 9 to 18.

While competing is a part of the program, Clary was quick to point out, it is not the main focus of the program and all youth interested are welcome. Clary said shooting sports are all-inclusive sports that offer opportunities to youth, regardless of athletic ability.

“Whoever wants to do it, we’re just going to have fun,” said Clary. “That’s the main thing.”

For those interested in the competitive aspect, Clary said there are opportunities later in life for youth, such as scholarships, college shooting teams and even the Olympics.

“I’m not going to say every kid is going to be an Olympian, but it is a gateway to that,” said Clary. “It can be something big, if the child wants to get that way.”

And if not, Clary said youth are welcome to just come learn more about safe shooting.

He also said he understands some parents may be concerned about allowing their children to participate in shooting sports and reiterated that safety is the club’s number one concern.

“I teach hunter safety, so I always go back to the safety of it,” said Clary.

Advisors for the Gallia Shooting Aces 4-H Club are: Eric Clary, Mark Dunlap, Chad Slone, Ed Clary, Michelle Moore and Craig Moore.

For more information, contact Clary at (740) 208-1498 or Moore at (304) 690-0003.

The information meeting will be held on January 20, 2018 at 1 p.m. at the Gallia County Gun Club.