On December 28, Infinity Web Services, a Gallipolis-based web and email hosting company, officially launched viewgallia.com, which currently displays two active webcams focused on the Ohio River and the corner of 2nd Avenue and State Street in Gallipolis.

According to owner Travis Dennie, the site is currently set to show a new photo every 15 seconds. While, as of now, live video is not available, the Ohio River webcam offers visitors the option of requesting a 1-hour or 4-hour time-lapse video.

“These time lapses are especially fascinating during sunrise, storms, cloud formations, and river activity,” said Dennie.

Due to safety reasons, Dennie said any cameras displaying homes or common parking spaces for tenants will not have time lapse enabled.

While there are currently only two cameras displaying on the site, Dennie said he has identified other locations. In addition, businesses have the option to sponsor their own cameras with a logo or business name on the camera. There is a one-time camera and installation fee, but no monthly fees. Once on board, the business will remain on viewGallia for the life of the project.

“As an early-adopter incentive, cameras will be added to the site from top to bottom on a first-come, first-served basis,” said Dennie. “So, businesses who wait to come on board will end up lower on the page.”

Overall, Dennie said he believes there is a demand for a site like viewGallia and it is a win-win for both the advertising businesses and consumers who view the cameras. In addition to the webcams, the site also features current weather information and local resources links, as well as a list of Gallia County school closings and delays, which is currently in a testing phase.

“There has been a lot of work put into the site. Imagine opening Microsoft Word and starting with a blank document,” said Dennie. “That’s essentially how it began, but with specialized software. More than 15 different pieces of open-source software allow the site to function.”

Still in a growing phase, Dennie said he is open to feature requests from the public. Feature requests and business inquiries can be emailed to cams@infinityweb.services.

Check out the site at viewgallia.com