Think you can’t write, record, release a song and finalize a music video in a month? Three men working toward their individual careers, two country music artists and one videographer, came together and did just that with the song “Fallin’ This Christmas” by Devin Henry, featuring Jacob Lones. The video was produced, filmed and edited by Matt Brinker Productions.

According to Henry, the idea for the song came during one of his classes at Otterbein University, where he is currently studying nursing. He had always wanted to write a Christmas song, but didn’t want it to be, in his words, cheesy.

“I just decided rather than writing a Christmas song, I wanted to write a country song that just has a Christmas theme, because if you think about it, a lot of country music has a summertime theme,” said Henry.

He managed to write a verse and part of the chorus of the song, then reached out friend and fellow country music artist Jacob Lones for his input. Lones said he finished the song in less than thirty minutes. Henry loved the addition and the two decided to record it. By the next week they were in RTY Productions studio with Lones’ producer Rusty Yanok, where Lones performed the instrumentation for the song to reduce expenses.

“Within a couple of sessions, we had it down,” said Lones.

During that time, Henry had reached out to Matt Brinker on Instagram to see if he would be willing to shoot a video for the song. Brinker agreed and filming began before the song was completely produced. The quick turn around time, according to Henry, was a necessity due to the short window for Christmas music.

“We wanted to get it out as soon as possible, so we could give it its chance, as far as popularity and maybe getting it to chart,” said Henry. “That’s why we tried to crank it out as fast as possible.”

The process was not without its struggles, but the three managed to work through them to release the video earlier than its planned release date of December 22.

“This has been quite the journey to try to get this song and music video out, let me just tell ya’,” said Devin. He had high praises for Brinker’s efforts, given the short turnaround time.

All three said the process was a great learning experience and, overall, are proud of the work they released.

“It was just a great experience to relax and get away from the traditional writing that I’ve done,” said Lones.

“When I heard this song, I liked the song a lot and I also thought it had potential to not only be something good for Devin, for Jacob and for me, but really for the town,” said Brinker.

Henry said, when he was writing the song, he did so with thoughts of the Gallipolis in Lights ceremony and Brinker made that come to life, utilizing footage from an actual performance at the 2017 ceremony and other shots from the Gallipolis City Park.

The City Park isn’t the only local nod. Former Miss Ohio Megan Wise is featured as one of the lovestruck characters, along with Dominick McAllister.

“I think all around it’s good for everybody, because we got to really showcase Gallipolis in Lights. We got to feature Megan Wise. I got to put out a song I figured would be catchy to people,” said Henry.

For Brinker, shooting the video gave him the opportunity to not only showcase Gallia County, but also put to use skills he had been honing independently.

Individually, the three are up and coming in their fields. Jacob Lones has started to make a name for himself in country music. Lones, who has been playing guitar and piano since he was six years old, originally started in Bluegrass and traditional country. It was being asked to open for a well-known artist in his hometown that kickstarted his solo career.

“I started booking gigs. We started learning more songs and we just kept on playing,” said Lones. He saved enough money to begin recording and released his first EP in June.

Henry just started performing in February 2017 at a fraternity fundraiser at college. Until then, he had struggled with stage fright.

“I hit the stage and honestly, after the first strum, it was kind of easy,” said Henry.

Since then, he’s been playing all over Gallia County and even traveled to Nashville. It was while performing he met Lones, and Henry has opened for him multiple times. While he is still in college, Henry said he is ready to take this journey as far as it will go.

“I’m a firm believer in, whatever happens, happens and if it happens then it’s meant to be. So, I take everything a day at a time with a goal in mind. With anything and everything I’ve done, I always look up. I don’t ever look down. I don’t ever worry about doubts. I have a really positive mind set,” said Henry. “I keep in mind you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than making it big. That’s just how it is. But like I said, it’s just something I enjoy doing. If people enjoy my music then that’s that. I am going to take a chance on it. I’ve been down to Nashville. I’ve opened up concerts that I didn’t think was ever possible, but somehow I found my way to that stage.”

Henry is appreciative of the support he’s received from Gallia County.

“Honestly, they’ve really supported all of this,” said Henry.

Brinker is also on the rise with his video production business. Prior to becoming a videographer, Brinker was a gymnastics coach for 13 years, but had always had an interest in videography and photography. It was in December of last year, however, that he decided to really focus on learning everything he could about the trade and spent several months watching You Tube videos and tutorials. His first video was created for a Portsmouth business in March. He received some negative comments, but it didn’t stop him. Out of that experience, he decided to make one video a day for a week, just to see what happens.

“On Thursday of that week, I had a video I made of Point Pleasant, W.Va. blow up and within a week it ended up getting about 20,000 views on Facebook, which I did not expect at all,” said Brinker. He received a lot of positive feedback and support from those who watched the video.

Over the last several months, Brinker continued to complete small jobs with his cellphone, until he was able to purchase more equipment and take on bigger projects and he continues to seek out opportunities to learn.

“I’ve really put my nose to the grindstone and try to learn it. And I applied everything I could do to this video,” said Brinker. “I learned some things from this video that I’ll apply to the next one. I think I’ll only get better from here. [That] is my hope at least.”

Brinker was not shy about directly asking viewers to help them promote the video.

“I would just like to ask people who read the article to share it and help us amplify it. That’s the power of social media,” said Brinker. “It’s word of mouth on steroids and it’s the ability for us to get in front of more eyeballs, to hopefully get more attention and awareness of what we’re all doing. And I think we all need that and the town will benefit from it too.”

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You an also find Matt Brinker Productions on Facebook and Instagram.

You can catch Henry and Lones performing live at Courtside Bar and Grille on Friday, December 22 starting at 8 p.m.

And check out the new video for “Fallin’ This Christmas” below. The song can also be purchased on major digital music services, such as Spotify and iTunes.