Spring Valley Family Pharmacy held its official ribbon cutting Saturday. Gallia County Chamber of Commerce/photo

While Spring Valley Family Pharmacy opened its doors on November 14, Saturday marked its official opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Owner Brandon O’Callaghan, Pharm.D., is no stranger to filling the prescriptions of Gallia County citizens. Prior to opening Spring Valley Family Pharmacy, he served for over 13 years as a pharmacist at several larger chain pharmacies in Gallia County.

It was his experience working at those larger chains that made O’Callaghan decide to open his own pharmacy. For O’Callaghan, creating connections and spending time talking to his customers is the most important aspect of his job, however, he felt policies at the bigger chains prevented him from doing just that. Now, with his own pharmacy, he can be regularly available to his customers on his terms.

“I feel like I can be more thorough, because I’m not under the gun, timewise. I can take my time with customers, which I should be able [to do]. They don’t want to be rushed off,” said O’Callaghan.

That open communication, said O’Callaghan, is key to also monitoring his customers’ medications to ensure they are not being double prescribed a medication or taking medications that could interact.

“You can close gaps with medication therapy that could be missed before. Patients, these days, see more than one doctor. A lot of times you’ll catch duplicate therapies. One doctor will prescribe something and another doctor prescribes another thing and they’re really the same thing,” said O’Callaghan. “The patients don’t know and the doctors don’t know it because the patients probably didn’t have their medicine list when they went to the doctor. I catch a lot of those because I know the people. I can look at their profiles and I can take my time and actually do medication management therapy, help the patients save money and also, [identify] potential drug interactions that would be missed.”

In addition, he can make his own determinations on how and when his customers pay for their medications.

“The money thing’s the last thing we worry about because you build a trusting relationship,” said O’Callaghan. “I try to make it where you don’t have to choose between your daily living expense and your medicine.”

O’Callaghan also regularly checks prices for his customers, to ensure they are not paying more for their medications than needed.

For more information about Spring Valley Family Pharmacy, visit its website at svfpharmacy.com or follow them on Facebook.