Angie Rocchi (left) and Shari Rocchi (right) demonstrate how to make the Gallipolis in Lights Christmas “bulbs” for Delta Kappa Gamma.

The Alpha Beta Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma held its October meeting at the French Art Colony Pavilion on Friday, October 6th.  There were 30 members present.  President Lynn Arnott called the meeting to order at 6:30. Karen Wright welcomed guests Shari and Angie Rocchi from Gallipolis in Lights.  The Rocchi’s shared their stories about how Gallipolis in Lights came into existence and then demonstrated the method to create a Christmas light “bulb”.

During the business portion of the meeting, members were reminded that annual dues need to be sent to treasurer Helenlu Morgan as quickly as possible.  Cards were signed for members who were ill or have lost loved ones.  A collection was taken with additional funds added to it from the treasury to donate to the Gallipolis in Lights project.

The minutes from the September meeting were read and approved with one amendment clarifying the discussion on Christmas giving.  Treasurer Morgan reported that she researched Christmas giving by the chapter.  In the by-laws the gift is shared between Gallia, Jackson, and Lawrence counties. A decision will be made at the November meeting regarding which county will receive it this year.  The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

The by-laws provide for $1.50 per person for printing and this money has not been used in the recent past.  Scholarship Chair, Karen Waugh, proposed to split those funds evenly between the Christmas fund and scholarship fund.  This was tabled for further discussion at the next meeting.  The meeting was closed with the singing of the Delta Kappa Gamma song and with door prizes being awarded.  An auction was held following the meeting to raise funds for the annual scholarship.

Delta Kappa Gamma is an international society of women educators. It aids outstandingwomen educators to pursue further education, attempts to stimulate their personal and professional growth, and works to advance their professional interests and position in education.