November is National Hospice Month, and in recognition, Hospice organizations across the nation host annual Hospice Sabbath services. Holzer is proud to announce its Third Annual Hospice Sabbath will be held Sunday, November 19 at Holzer Davis Family Conference Rooms AB on the Ground Floor of the Gallipolis Medical Center. The service will begin at 2:00 p.m. Families, caretakers, and friends of Hospice patients, past and present, are encouraged to attend.

Hospice Sabbath is time of reminiscence and celebration of loved ones. This service is an opportunity for people of all faiths to pray for those coping with terminal illness, to support the hospice and area healthcare professionals who comfort families as they care for the dying, and to memorialize the deceased members of our community. Service activities vary by organization but can include, lighting of candles, handing out memory stones, poetry readings, live music, and the singing of hymns.

“Both as a Chaplain who serves the patients and families in Holzer Hospice, and as a family member who has used Holzer Hospice in the past, I have seen how the Hospice Sabbath Service brings together those who have grief and allows grief to be shared, and by doing so, lightened,” stated Fred Williams, Director of Chaplaincy, Holzer Health System.  “This service provides honor to those who have passed, hope to those of us who remain in life.”  Chaplain Williams will be participating in this year’s Holzer Hospice Sabbath event. One of the focuses of this year’s event will be professional healthcare workers with shared readings to highlight the grieving process for the healthcare worker.

Holzer Hospice is a licensed, certified hospital program, overseen by a physician, offering pain and symptom relief, and emotional and spiritual support for patients who have a serious illness, when full recovery is not possible. Hospice offers needed caring and compassion, personal in home assistance, bereavement counseling, and medical supportive care. It can make the difference between a painful, difficult time, and a time of personal comfort, needed care, and an understanding friend. Holzer Hospice serves patients with a life-limiting illness, regardless of ability to pay in Athens, Gallia, Jackson, Meigs, and Vinton Counties in Ohio.

For more information on the Hospice Sabbath Service or to register, call 740-446-5074. Join Holzer and fellow community members to reflect and celebrate our loved ones.