Michelle Miller, former owner of the Gallia Hometown Herald, has officially retaken the reins to the news site she founded in 2011. Miller left the Gallia Hometown Herald in 2013 to serve as Executive Director of the Gallia County Chamber of Commerce.

“I was honored to serve the Gallia County business community over the past four years and was blessed to meet and work with so many dedicated people who are working to grow Gallia County. The decision to give up the Gallia Herald was not an easy one, but was necessary at the time,” said Miller. “A little bit of my heart has remained with the site since I left, and I am excited to have this opportunity to finish what I started six years ago. I appreciate all the work Carrie put into the site and wish her all the luck as she continues with the Meigs Independent Press.”

“It has been a pleasure to serve the people of Gallia County through the Gallia Hometown Herald. The Herald is going back to its roots, to the person with the vision to make the Herald the gem it should be for the county,” said former owner Carrie Gloeckner. “Michelle Miller has a passion for Gallia and will do great things back at the helm.”

While the transfer of ownership has occurred, Miller and Gloeckner are still finalizing transfer of the site. Miller is also planning a redesign of the site over the next few weeks.

“Please bear with me over the next week as everything is finalized and I get back into the swing of running the Gallia Herald,” said Miller.

The Gallia Hometown Herald is operated under Miller’s publishing company, Foggy River Publishing, LLC.