GALLIPOLIS, Ohio – Sheriff Matt Champlin announced that on Thursday August 31, 2017, the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office working in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service conducted an operation to seek out and arrest individuals with active felony charges who have been at large.

As a result of this operation, four individuals have been taken into custody in Gallia County and two additional individuals were taken into custody outside of Gallia County and they will now face the charges against them.

“I am happy to report that today, four offenders have been taken into custody in Gallia County for the crimes that they have committed. We are continuing our proactive efforts to take the fight to the criminals. We will not allow these individuals to victimize our citizens and then go into hiding to evade capture. As a part of this operation today, the Marshals Service also made an arrest in Detroit, Michigan and Portsmouth, Ohio of offenders from Gallia County” stated Champlin.

Those taken into custody today in Gallia County were Alfred K. Cordell III for an indictment of possession of heroin, Ricky D. Wolford Sr. for an indictment of possession of heroin and two active warrants from Gallipolis Municipal Court, Brett F. Curtis for Indictments of Breaking and Entering and Telecommunications Fraud along with an active warrant from the Gallipolis Municipal Court, and Timothy M. Petro on indictments of Safecracking and Breaking and Entering. In addition, Joseph Watkins was taken into custody in Detroit, Michigan for indictments of Trafficking and Possession in drugs and Identity Fraud and Harvey A. Brown was taken into custody in Portsmouth, Ohio for an indictment of Possession of Drugs.