Letter to Editor:

Happy Anniversary!!! Three years ago on March 31, 2011, Governor Kasich signed SB5 into law. This was to weaken union rights and by weakening the right for workers to have union representation in the work place. So then began the campaign of Issue 2, for our unions to regain their place in the work place. After long hours and lots of contacts, Issue 2 failed unanimously by the voters; the voice of the voters was heard loud and clear across United States that we are a State who supports our Unions and we will stand for Union Rights.

As we head into another election and the governors position is up for election. We need to remember what we have had to face in the past with Kasich in office. Do we really want to have to fight for union rights again? There has been talk about making Ohio a “Right to Work State” which is another way of doing away with our Unions. Kasich’s goal is to do away with our unions, no matter how you say it, he is Anti-Union. Please support those candidates who support our unions. This Anniversary is only happy because we defeated SB 5, only by Ohioans joining together to let our voice be heard. Let your voice be heard when you vote in 2014. We stand for Unions.

Pamela Riley