Michelle Watkins

Michelle D. Watkins, 35, Thurman, pleaded guilty to two amended counts of complicity to assault a peace officer and two counts of escape under two separate indictments. Watkins was originally charged with escape, complicity to felonious assault, complicity to assault and felonious assault for a September 12, 2017 incident and also charged with escape on a separate indictment for an incident on September 11, 2017. The felonious assault charge was dismissed.

Watkins was sentenced by Gallia County Common Pleas Judge Margaret Evans to prison for 12 months for each complicity charge and 18 months for one Escape charge and 12 months for the other Escape charge, to be served consecutively for a total of 4.5 years.

India Stewart

India L. Stewart, 26, Dayton, pleaded guilty to the possession of 137.354 grams of heroin, a felony of the first degree and was sentenced to prison for five years, three of which are mandatory, by Judge Evans.

Stewart was originally charged with possession with a major drug offender classification, as well as trafficking of heroin with a major drug offender specification. The trafficking charge and specifications were dismissed.