Rio Grande, Ohio – The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College are proud to recognize the Class of 2018 as official graduates. 407 students received their degrees today at the Commencement Ceremony on campus. President Dr. Michelle Johnston said the class has thrived while at Rio and she is excited to see them excel in life.

“I am so proud of all that these students have accomplished in their time at Rio and I am confident they are ready to become leaders in their careers and communities. They have worked hard to reach this milestone in their lives,” Johnston said. “We have enjoyed having them as part of our Rio community, and I thank them for making our campuses a part of their educational experiences and wish them the best of luck. Even as they move forward to the next chapter of their lives, they will always be part of our Rio Family.”

Ohio Senator Bob Peterson, who represents the 17th Ohio Senate District and serves as the President Pro Tempore of the state senate, was the commencement speaker for this year’s ceremony. The senator is an 8th generation farmer in Fayette County and is involved in several senate committees dedicated to a wide range of topics including agriculture, tax reform, veterans’ affairs and public safety. Peterson has also earned numerous awards for his service efforts in the Statehouse. He said he encourages the students to be leaders in their fields and communities.

“It has been an honor to share this moment with the graduates and their families. My college career gave me an opportunity to discover who I was and who I wanted to become. It has impacted my life in many positive ways, and I wish the same for these graduates as they begin their own careers,” Peterson said. “You learn your whole life. There is a saying that learners will inherit the earth because you have to grow as the world changes. I encourage these graduates to continue seeking knowledge as they move forward in their lives. I congratulate them for this important achievement, and know they will succeed in all they set out to accomplish.”

Provost Dr. Richard Sax said the class has made a lasting impression on Rio, and he hopes they continue to be influential members of society wherever their lives may take them.

“We were so pleased to honor our 407 graduates this Saturday at Commencement. These students have worked hard in earning their degrees and certificates which will commence the next chapters of their meaningful lives,” Sax said. “We wish them well and support them in their future endeavors.”

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The institution’s administration, faculty, staff and boards of trustees wish the Class of 2018 the best of luck and thank the graduates’ families for supporting their achievements during their time at Rio.


Emily Adkins Oak Hill Ohio
Andrea Albright South Bloomingville Ohio
Jordan Albright South Bloomingville Ohio
John Anderson Gallipolis Ohio
Nikola Andjelic Split Croatia
Stephanie Arbogast Oak Hill Ohio
Hillary Attar Gallipolis Ohio
Lacey Bainter Gallipolis Ohio
Jerad Baldwin Kitts Hill Ohio
Andrea Barber Westerville Ohio
Michea Bartoe Hamden Ohio
Kristin Barton Bremen Ohio
Monte Bass Gallipolis Ohio
Rylee Bates Oak Hill Ohio
Molly Beaver Gallipolis Ohio
Tiffany Beaver Crown City Ohio
Jarrett Beck Bellefontaine Ohio
Rita Bell Middleport Ohio
Diana Bing Bidwell Ohio
Cody Blackburn Lancaster Ohio
Matthew Blair Gallipolis Ohio
Taylor Blankenship Middleport Ohio
Monica Blazer Pt. Pleasant W.Va.
Christopher Boggs Gallipolis Ohio
Erin Bolin Pomeroy Ohio
Maggie Bostic Gallipolis Ohio
Braden Bowen Gallipolis Ohio
Madison Bowers Bexley Ohio
Kimberly Bowman Wellston Ohio
Zachary Breth Chillicothe Ohio
Katherine Browning The Plains Ohio
Joshua Brumfield Vinton Ohio
Brittany Burchett Portsmouth Ohio
Tricia Burchett McDermott Ohio
Chance Burleson Gallipolis Ohio
Jillian Burris Bidwell Ohio
Kayla Buttrey Thurman Ohio
Eric Buzzard Racine Ohio
Rachel Cairns Logan Ohio
Meghan Caldwell Crown City Ohio
Cody Call Gallipolis Ohio
Clinton Campbell Malta Ohio
Steven Campbell Oak Hill Ohio
James Canady Jr Vinton Ohio
Angela Canode Hamden Ohio
Justin Carey Wellston Ohio
Kayla Carmichael Newark Ohio
Jodi Carpenter Wellston Ohio
Crystal Carr Washington C.H. Ohio
Daniel Carroll Skelmersdale Lancashire England
Tyler Carter New Philadelphia Ohio
Jennifer Case McArthur Ohio
Julio Casiano New York N.Y.
Micaela Casto Oak Hill Ohio
Kylie Caudill Grove City Ohio
Isaiah Chapman Cincinnati Ohio
Steven Chapman Jackson Ohio
Amber Christian Oak Hill Ohio
Anthony Christian Oak Hill Ohio
Timothy Clark Raceland K.Y.
Makayla Clarkson Oak Hill Ohio
Cheyanne Closs Jackson Ohio
Callum Cobb Ash Green, Surrey UK
Kelly Collins Columbus Ohio
Len Collins Portsmouth Ohio
Marissa Commons Maple Heights Ohio
Kelsey Conkey Minford Ohio
Ashley Cook Gallipolis Ohio
John Cook Pomeroy Ohio
Samantha Cook Proctorville Ohio
Brandon Coon Oak Hill Ohio
Savanna Cooper Oak Hill Ohio
Carrie Coriell Lucasville Ohio
Cynthia Council Rutland Ohio
Kenneth Council Pickerington Ohio
Vadamae Counts Athens Ohio
Khaliek Covington-Tribble Cincinnati Ohio
Jessica Cowles Gallipolis Ohio
Julie Cremeens Gallipolis Ohio
Juan Cruz Juana Diaz PR
Tiffany Culpepper Oak Hill Ohio
Kali Cunningham Pomeroy Ohio
Darian Curren Marion Ohio
Morgan Daniels Bidwell Ohio
Jacob Darnell Gallipolis Ohio
Michaela Davidson Middleport Ohio
Stephany Davies Gallipolis Ohio
Cynthia Davis Coolville Ohio
Kaitlyn Davis Chillicothe Ohio
Meagyn Davis Jackson Ohio
Sonya Davis Oak Hill Ohio
Aaliyah Davison Thurman Ohio
Margaret Dellinger New Waterford Ohio
Ryan DeLong Jackson Ohio
Nicholas Denbow Gallipolis Ohio
Patricia Dennis Mendon Ohio
Abigail Denny Oak Hill Ohio
Catherine Derr Mount Vernon Ohio
Richard Deweese Gallipolis Ohio
Kayla Diddle Racine Ohio
Rebecca Dille Circleville Ohio
Andrea Dillinger Wellston Ohio
Erica Dillon Proctorville Ohio
Rachel Disbennett Kingston Ohio
Vincent Dotson Oak Hill Ohio
Kyle Dougherty New Franklin Ohio
William Dowling Cincinnati Ohio
Devan Dugan Pomeroy Ohio
Arthur Dunkley Jr. Akron Ohio
Osvaldo Duran Guayanilla PR
Anthony Easton Gallipolis Ohio
Kasey Eblin Gallipolis Ohio
Tristan Eggers Gallipolis Ohio
Lisa Ehman-Chapman Gallipolis Ohio
Ariel Ellis Middleport Ohio
Cynthia Enright Rutland Ohio
Brock Eutsler Gallipolis Ohio
Jeremy Evans Racine Ohio
Keri Evans Pomeroy Ohio
Meagan Evans Westerville Ohio
Kyle Fannin Jackson Ohio
Colleen Farris Jackson Ohio
Maria Fautali Junction City Ohio
Andrea Felber Jackson Ohio
Cydnie Few Cincinnati Ohio
Dalline Fields Huntington W.Va.
Tracy Fields Kitts Hill Ohio
Delilah Fish Pomeroy Ohio
Jessica Fisher Jackson Ohio
Randall Fite Jackson Ohio
Carlos Flores Alvarado Guayanilla PR
Ashley Foster Oak Hill Ohio
Courtney Fraley Jackson Ohio
Michael Francis II Bidwell Ohio
Laura Friend Jackson Ohio
Kelly Fuchs Ashville Ohio
Gabrielle Gardner Rio Grande Ohio
Krystal Gebhardt Glenwood W.Va.
Jessie Giesey Commercial Point Ohio
Brandon Gilkey Pomeroy Ohio
Cara Gillispie Middleport Ohio
Ashley Gilmore Cheshire Ohio
Samantha Graham Gallipolis Ohio
Joshua Gray Norfolk England
Rebecca Gray Portsmouth Ohio
Morgan Greenlee Bidwell Ohio
Caitlin Grey Jackson Ohio
Roberta Groves Chillicothe Ohio
Dallas Guy Buffalo Ohio
Alexander Haddad Littleton CO
Rachel Haddad Littleton CO
Marah Hager Rio Grande OH
Reaghan Haines Hillsboro Ohio
Kelsy Hale Jackson Ohio
Rebecca Hall Hamden Ohio
Stacy Hall Thurman Ohio
Ashli Halley Crown City Ohio
Joseph Hamilton Patriot Ohio
Lena Hamilton Vinton Ohio
Brooklynn Handley Pt. Pleasant W.Va.
Melissa Hardin Ceredo W.Va.
Bethany Hardman Bidwell Ohio
Megan Hardy South Point Ohio
Jodi Harper Poca W.Va.
Tiffiany Harvey McArthur Ohio
Robert Hawkins Jr. Patroit Ohio
Hannah Hawley Thurman Ohio
Alyssa Herren Mason Ohio
Kameron Herring Heath Ohio
Andrea Hess Waverly Ohio
Lori Hilderbrant Oak Hill Ohio
Will Hill Jr. Worthington Ohio
Laurie Hoover Pomeroy Ohio
Andrea Houck Gallipolis Ohio
Amber Huddleston Middleport Ohio
Jordan Huddleston Racine Ohio
Ashlee Huffman Gallipolis Ohio
Tifani Hughes Oak Hill Ohio
Kelly Humphrey Thurman Ohio
Alexus Hurlow Rio Grande Ohio
Jenna Hysell Pomeroy Ohio
Emily Ireland Oak Hill Ohio
Michelle Isaac Jackson Ohio
Keilah Jacks Middleport Ohio
Katlynn Jackson Jackson Ohio
Christina Jago New Marshfield Ohio
Haley Jamison Stout Ohio
Japheth Johnson Oak Hill Ohio
Keri Johnson Vinton Ohio
Kimberly Johnson Pomeroy Ohio
Samantha Johnson Ray Ohio
Alexis Johnson-Schoolcraft Crown City Ohio
Victoria Johnston McArthur Ohio
Carly Jones Oak Hill Ohio
Jenna Jones Lancaster Ohio
Jennifer Kauffman Wellston Ohio
Michael Keating Ironton Ohio
Cindy Keefer Jackson Ohio
Jason Kelley Pomeroy Ohio
Natasha Kendrick Ashville Ohio
Deanna Kille Gallipolis Ohio
Carrie Kisor Jackson Ohio
Jeremy Kitchen Jackson Ohio
Tabitha Kitchen Jackson Ohio
Rashell Kitts Chillicothe Ohio
Deena Knight Grove City Ohio
Clarissa Kosnich Jackson Ohio
Michele Lamb McArthur Ohio
Rachel Lamb Pataskala Ohio
Heather Lambert Wellston Ohio
Eric Landrum Jackson Ohio
Justin Landrum Jackson Ohio
Meagan Lang Wheelersburg Ohio
Logan Largent Wellston Ohio
Megan Lathey Jackson Ohio
Keri Lawrence Long Bottom Ohio
Derek Ledford Mt. Laurel NJ
Lucas LeMaster Oak Hill Ohio
Melissa Lewis Ona W.Va.
Xi Li Shangluo Shaanxi China
Austin Little Pomeroy Ohio
Bryan Lutz Marietta Ohio
Emma Lyles Gallipolis Ohio
Barbara Lyman Mount Gilead Ohio
Stephanie Lyon Beaver Ohio
Stacy Manson Chillicothe Ohio
Brooke Marcum Vinton Ohio
Jessica Matheny Gallipolis Ohio
Benjamin Mathews Jackson Ohio
Andrea Maxwell Xenia Ohio
Justin May Bidwell Ohio
Alexandra Maynard Vinton Ohio
Anna Maynard Vinton Ohio
Cassandra McCarthy Wellston Ohio
Cailyn McCathren Jackson Ohio
Jessica McClanahan Gallipolis Ohio
Kelsey McCoy Wilkesville Ohio
Kayla McEldowney Versailles Ohio
Lane McGinnis Maryville Tenn.
Miranda McGuire Circleville Ohio
Taylor McIlwain Lancaster Ohio
Mary McKinniss Gallipolis Ohio
Odessa McManis McArthur Ohio
Emily McNichols McArthur Ohio
Shaun Meeks Gallipolis Ohio
Conner Melton Rio Grande Ohio
Mark Mendenhall Chillicothe Ohio
Makayla Meredith Jackson Ohio
Elizabeth Merola Bidwell Ohio
Erica Metts Jackson Ohio
Brittany Middleton Dublin Ohio
Carolyn Miller Wellston Ohio
Krista Miller Long Bottom Ohio
Pat Miller Patriot Ohio
Rebecca Miller Kitts Hill Ohio
Robert Miller Worthington Ohio
Zachary Miller Gallipolis Ohio
Lauren Mitchell Wellston Ohio
Peggy Mollett Jackson Ohio
Kayla Mollohan Gallipolis Ohio
Ian Montgomery Waverly Ohio
Christian Morgan Atwater Ohio
Matheus Morgan Vila Velha ES Brazil
Allison Morris Jackson Ohio
Kristyn Mullins Jackson Ohio
Susan Munn Athens Ohio
Samantha Nance Gallipolis Ohio
Chloe Nared Cincinnati Ohio
Cierra Nease Gallipolis Ohio
Morgan Neff South Webster Ohio
Jared Nelson Gallipolis Ohio
Jodi Newell Gallipolis Ohio
Alicia Newman West Portsmouth Ohio
Scarlet Newton McArthur Ohio
Alexander Nichols Rio Grande Ohio
Riley Nickell Piketon Ohio
Katosha Noe Winfield W.Va.
Taylor Noel Jackson Ohio
Charlotte Norvell Leon W.Va.
Elizabeth O Harra Grove City Ohio
Stephanie Oakley Middletown Ohio
Hannah Oates Londonderry Ohio
Amanda Ousley Wellston Ohio
Samantha Ousley Wellston Ohio
Courtney Parsons Vinton Ohio
Chelsea Patterson Rutland Ohio
Andrea Patton Ripley W.Va.
Riley Patton Wellston Ohio
Caleb Pearson Patriot Ohio
Chloeanna Pearson Patriot Ohio
Melissa Pearson Westerville Ohio
Asher Peck Albany Ohio
Aleah Pelphrey Piketon Ohio
Janet Pennington Beaver Ohio
Brian Perkins Wellston Ohio
Angela Petrie Gallipolis Ohio
Tabitha Phalen Glasgow W.Va.
Darian Phillips Jackson Ohio
Matthew Phillips Wellston Ohio
Robin Phillips Oak Hill Ohio
Carley Potter Oak Hill Ohio
Tiffany Powell Wellston Ohio
Carter Powers Janesville WI
Collin Powers Janesville WI
Grace Prater Hamden Ohio
Chasity Price Patriot Ohio
DeVon Price Pickerington Ohio
Garrett Provens Bidwell Ohio
Holly Pummel Chillicothe Ohio
Jared Purdee South Point Ohio
Kasidy Putney Gallipolis Ohio
Chelsi Radvanyi Grantsville W.Va.
Megan Raynard Jackson Ohio
Anissa Reffitt McArthur Ohio
Charles Rexroad McConnelsville Ohio
Tresera Rhoton Minford Ohio
Gabriel Richmond South Webster Ohio
Tangela Rider Piketon Ohio
Maranda Riggs Pomeroy Ohio
Brandi Robbins South Point Ohio
Gabriella Robinson Wellston Ohio
Nichole Robinson Middleport Ohio
Haylia Roby Ironton Ohio
Gwendolyn Rose
Dylan Rutt Scottown Ohio
Brittany Salyers Oak Hill Ohio
Emili Sannes Carlisle Ohio
Ashlee Saunders Gallipolis Ohio
Emily Saunders McArthur Ohio
Miranda Saunders Gallipolis Ohio
Kimberly Sayre Portland Ohio
Lori Sayre Racine Ohio
Amanda Scarberry Ironton Ohio
Linda Schall Pomeroy Ohio
Ashley Schartiger Pomeroy Ohio
Nancy Schartiger Pomeroy Ohio
Brooke Schofield Pioneer Ohio
John Schwartz Jr. Avon Ohio
Shannon Scott Middleport Ohio
Loretta Sellers Racine Ohio
Hannah Sharp Reedsville Ohio
Abigail Shephard Jackson Ohio
Dustin Shepherd Gallipolis Ohio
Sarah Shirley Crown City Ohio
Morgan Siders Gallipolis Ohio
Angela Sigler Grove City Ohio
Gina Simmons Barboursville W.Va.
Heather Simpkins Jackson Ohio
Nicole Sims-Clark Chillicothe Ohio
Kyla Sizemore Waverly Ohio
Ciara Small Crown City Ohio
Aubrie Smith Oak Hill Ohio
Caitlyn Smith Gallipolis Ohio
Natasha Smith Gallipolis Ohio
Samantha Smith Middleport Ohio
Conner Snow Gallipolis Ohio
Julia Snow Gallipolis Ohio
Amanda Sowards Proctorville Ohio
John Sowers McArthur Ohio
Selena Speakman Londonderry Ohio
Leslie Spencer Gallipolis Ohio
Morgan Spires Middleport Ohio
Kayla Spradlin Wheelersburg Ohio
Clay Staker Jackson Ohio
Alexandria Stevens Oak Hill Ohio
Brandon Stevens Gallipolis Ohio
Kameron Stevens Raceland KY
Brianna Stout Bidwell Ohio
Brittany Stump Albany Ohio
Meagan Tackett McArthur Ohio
Zachary Thomas Gallipolis Ohio
Denika Thompson Nelsonville Ohio
Jacquelyn Thompson Huntsville AL
Joshua Thompson Bronx NY
Rosina Tirpak-Wachs Patriot Ohio
Chantal Tomek Pomeroy Ohio
Lisa Tompkins Jamestown Ohio
Rose Travis Oak Hill Ohio
Jeni Tripp Coolville Ohio
Christian Vain Lexington KY
Marilyn Veloz Oak Hill Ohio
Rachel Walburn Pt. Pleasant W.Va.
Rachael Waldron Oak Hill Ohio
Karly Walters Jackson Ohio
Amy Ward Henderson W.Va.
Brian Warren Albany Ohio
Whitney Weddle Portland Ohio
Abby Wendel Lebanon IN
Taylar White Gallipolis Ohio
Renee Whitley Long Bottom Ohio
Michala Wickline McArthur Ohio
Dalton Wilburn Ashville Ohio
Joseph Wilcoxon Gallipolis Ohio
Corinne Williams Bidwell Ohio
Heather Williams Thurman Ohio
Joshua Williams Gallipolis Ohio
Natalie Williams Gallipolis Ohio
Toby Williams Waverly Ohio
Jessica Willis Gallipolis Ohio
Amanda Wilson Pickerington Ohio
Austin Wilson Gallipolis Ohio
Cole Wilson Urbana Ohio
Robert Wolfinger Grove City Ohio
Martha Wynn Jackson Ohio
Kimberly Yates Jackson Ohio
Cassidy Young Mt. Healthy Ohio
Lori Young Ironton Ohio