16-year-old Ashleigh Miller discusses her Eyes for Hope program.

A childhood experience sparked 16-year-old Ashleigh Miller’s desire to give back to the community by kick-starting a program to give children and young adults, who may be limited on choices of frames for eyeglasses due to financial reasons, other options through donated frames.

“When I was little, they found out I had cataracts and it was really hard for me to pick out frames that I really like because I only got to pick from seven to 10 frames,” said Miller. She hopes to change that for others with the Eyes for Hope project.

Her organization is currently accepting used frames and has collection boxes at the University of Rio Grande Student Affairs Office and Dr. Todd Ragan’s office, who is also helping her with the sorting of the donated frames. They plan to add more drop-off locations in the future.

In addition, Ashleigh has presented to other organizations in the hopes of partnering with them and growing the program to include financial fundraisers to assist with the cost of lenses.

The targeted ages for the organization range from kindergarten to 21-years-old.

“I just want kids my age to have a variety,” said Ashleigh, who is a junior at Gallia Academy High School.

For more information about Eyes of Hope follow the organization’s Facebook page.