For 11 years, Buckeye Vine and Co. owner, Charlene Carter, her friends and consignees have quietly provided items to Gallia County youth in need ranging from shoes to food.

“We just see the need and we attack it,” said Carter. “My customers and my consignees are the greatest, nicest people. If it represents all of Gallia County, Gallia County cares.”

When a youth walked into the shop recently, Carter offered him a bike when she received one that she could give away. It grew from there and she realized more children could benefit from donated bikes, scooters and skateboards.

“We want to put every kid in Gallia County on a bicycle this summer. It’s good exercise. It’s healthy,” said Carter.

Since kickstarting the program, Carter said she’s already had 50 commitments from the community. She hopes to see that grow and be able to extend the program throughout the county and deliver bikes to different areas. The Work Release Center also came onboard to help repair bikes, if needed.

Carter hopes organizations in the community will either join the project or kickstart their own.

“It doesn’t have to be through me,” said Carter. “We just really want to see these kids get bikes for the summer. Every kid should have a bicycle.”

She also encourages individuals to get involved.

“If you know you’ve got a bike in your garage, and you’re not using it and there’s a kid down the road that can use it, go do that,” said Carter.

If you are interested in donating a bike, skateboard or scooter to the project, want to coordinate your own project with Carter or are interested in being a recipient of the project, contact Buckeye Vine & Co. at (740) 446-0214.

“We just want to let the kids know that they do matter,” said Carter.