When 9-year-old Rose Holdren wrote a letter to President Donald Trump, she didn’t really expect to hear back. She just wanted to thank him and tell him about herself, her family, including her siblings, Jake and Josy, and her experience in Taekwondo.

Rose began in Taekwondo when she was 4-years-old and earned her black belt in the 1st grade.

“It’s cool to be able to know [taekwondo] to defend yourself,” said Rose.

The daughter of Gallia County Prosecutor Jason Holdren, Rose told President Trump about the time she spent on the campaign trail with her father and how much she enjoyed it.

“My daddy makes a lot of sacrifices to keep the county safe and free from drugs,” wrote Rose. “He works a lot and works hard. That’s how I know and appreciate your hard work and sacrifices and your family, too.”

She expressed interest in meeting President Trump in the future and ended the letter by writing, “I would love to work with your security to keep you and your family safe from bad guys, since I’m a black belt.”

When the letter from The White House came, Rose said she was “very surprised and shocked”.

The letter read:

Thank you for writing me. As President, I always enjoy hearing from our Nation’s inspiring young people.

I am so proud that you worked hard in Taekwondo and never gave up until you achieved the high distinction of black belt. My security team consists of the finest members of the Presidential Protective Division of the United States Secret Service. I have no doubt that one day, if you continue to practice your talents in Taekwondo and do well in school, you could join the ranks of this impressive team.

I appreciate your family’s strong support. I count on outstanding citizens like your Dad to help keep our communities safe. I encourage you to continue to strengthen the bond you share with Jake and Josy, always remembering that the bond between siblings is a special gift.

Thank you again for writing. I hope you will continue to believe in yourself. Even at a young age, by working hard and following your dreams, you can help make this Nation even greater. Think big and dream even bigger!

Receiving that letter has served to strengthen Rose’s desire to one day serve in the U.S. Secret Service.