Submitted by Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin and Gallia County Prosecuting Attorney Jason Holdren

Addiction and crime are two roads that parallel each other and intersect way too often for a lot of people. In the criminal justice system, we have a vested interest in guiding people towards recovery from the patrol officer on the street affecting the initial arrests to the prosecutor in the courtroom making the closing arguments.

Being a part of the Citizens for Prevention and Recovery Coalition, the Sheriff and the Prosecutor bring different perspectives and purposes to the table.  Their focus, as the chief law enforcement officer and the county prosecutor, has been simple since the beginning:  eliminate the drug trade coming into Gallia County from source cities while providing mechanisms for recovery for people in addiction and holding them accountable for the crimes which they have committed.  Their hope for our county, as a whole, is to create an environment which is not conducive for drug dealers to practice their trade while helping addicts find a path to recovery.  This effort aims to help them become productive members of society therefore stopping them from victimizing the hardworking citizens who live and work here.

The Citizens for Prevention and Recovery (CPR) Coalition is made up of a broad spectrum of people from different backgrounds who are focused on one common goal: to free our communities from addiction.  It is their hope that together, as community members focusing on initiatives to provide opportunities for people who have found themselves addicted, they can offer a hand up to help them out of the position they’re currently in and connect them to focused treatment to aid them in getting back to where they need to be.  Additionally, the coalition focuses on developing and implementing prevention efforts to ensure that our citizens do not travel down the path towards addiction.

If you would like to learn more about the citizens for prevention and recovery, please visit our facebook page at “Gallia Citizens for Prevention and Recovery” or inquire about us via email at  Meetings are held the second Monday of every month beginning at noon at the Holzer Medical Center.