The following students appeared on the Honor Roll at Buckeye Hills Career Center for the second nine weeks grading period that ended on January 12, 2018.

(*)Indicates all A’s:

Gallia Academy High School:  Stormy Bays*, Nancy Bowyer*, Hannah Burgess, Holly Casey, Cara Cavender, Ahnika Frogale*, Kimberly McComas*, Bryan McQuaid, Jonathan Ross, April Sherwood*, Kyra Traylor, Emily Walker, Derricka Ward

River Valley High School:  Cheyanne Allman, William Baker, Jonathan Bays, Jordan Bays, Alexander Bluhm, Brantley Brown, Briana Cain, Lindsey Call, Dakota Doss, Hannah Estep, Dakota Gilbert, Daniel Hatfield, Sarah Holcomb, Katelyn Johnson, Allison Long, Seth McDonald, Nathan Michael, Kylie Myers*, Johnathan Painter, Justin Patrick*, Ciara Sexton, Jamal Shivers, Kiara Smallwood, Andrea Snyder*, Paris Williams, Bethany Wray*

South Gallia High School:   Austin Ashworth*, Lucas Bremner, Brooklyn Hammond, Breanna Montgomery, Isabella Shafer*, Tierra Waugh*


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